Chaos World of Wizards (Updated 22nd May 1999)

Chaos World of Wizards was an innovative little mud, in that all players, even novices, had the ability to create objects, rooms and even mobiles, which could then interface with the core game objects. As with all muds, the goal was to reach the rank of Wizard or Witch, and as a player progressed through the various levels they gained more strange and arcane abilities.

Although it never really became a widely-played game, being the last mud to appear on the IOWA system, and never really being 'finished' (although what mud is?), it had quite a large user list who released their pent up creative urges to create hundreds of fascinating locations, objects and mobiles. Their enthusiasm was dampened, although never destroyed, after a hard disk crash resulted in the loss of the data file, with no recent backups.

Chaos ran on an Archimedes A310, in a specially written language called 'Slip', written by Natso, Amstar and Penfold, that featured real-time compilation and an easily extensible function set. It was an excellent mud language and I still miss it on occasion. The original arch wizards were Ensoniq, Birax and Geolin, with me (Paladine) joining sometime later. The High-wizards, Milamber and Maranta in particular, contributed huge amounts of their time and creative energy, building the core world files.

It has been over 8 years since I last looked at Slip or Chaos, or worked with any of the people mentioned above, and I profusely apologise to anyone who I have omitted. The best way to point out my error, if you are an ex-IOWA player, is to join the mailing list,, and berate me!