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10th March 2002

The MUD Dictionary has now moved, and is at The search function is currently broken, but I am intending to move the data to a proper database format (using PHP and MySQL for those that are interested), which should make searching and cross-referencing etc. easier.

January 2001

Welcome to the new home for the Encyclopedia of MUDs. This space is being provided by Virtua-Web Limited free of charge. Henry McDaniel will retain copyright of this dictionary, and all other terms and conditions remain un-changed. Any queries or suggestions about the Encyclopedia should be sent to

10 March 2000

Game administrators are invited to provide historical summaries about their games. See the World Resources -> Archive Sample for details.
The fun is just starting. March 5th, we finally broke the 400 terms barrier in our dictionary! And the rate of increase is getting faster by the day!

Mission Statement
To provide an in depth collection of articles on facts and subjects related to MUDs with particular emphasis on the building and operation of good games.

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