X, n.
(1) Something unknown. As in "Planet X".
(2) Horizontal range reference used incoordinate system based locations .
See: Y , Z .

XdY, n.
Also XdY+Z.
Holdover from D&D ® . Used to indicate somerandomized variable .The Y indicates the size ofthe die (a d6 is a standard 6-sided die). The Xis the number of those die to throw. The Z isa constant amount to add to the resulting throw.e.g. 2d4+1 indicates rolling an 4-sided dietwice (summing each roll ), and adding 1 tothe result yielding some random numberbetween 3 (X+Z) and 9 (X*Y+Z).
See: dice , roll .

XP, n. [Comp. of Experience Point(s).]
Also Xp.
Same as Exp .

XY, n.
(1) Why. Shortform used by young mudders .
Same as Y .

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