Value, n.,v.
(1) The declared worth of an item in money .
See: economy , inflation .
(2) Same as property .

Vanilla, n.
(1) Original, virgin, untouched.
(2) Version of something which is so close to the original as to beconsidered unaltered.

Variable, n.
Entity to hold information. Often changing.Usually a small member of the data representing someobject .For example if your game character has an age (like "22 years" orthe length of time you've been playing) this is represented in thegame database by at least one variable.
See: property .

Verb, n.
Command word that can be used by players .

Verbose, n., v.
Mode of room reviewing that displays the long description.
Alternative command to the toggle type brief 3 .
See: brief .

Virtual, n.
(1) Artifical. Not real but life like. Everythingwithin a MUD may exist within a virtual reality.This reality is defined by the universe rules .
(2) Among MUD programmers mostoften used to describe methods of representing objects within agame in away not dependent on the most commonly used rules of the game which isto say in short that non-standard methods are employed in the processof creating and representing the object to the player. For instance ifrooms normally require seperate data files or associated sub-programsa virtual cluster of rooms might have only one associated sub-programand data file. The end player will generally not percieve any differencebetween the virtual and non-virtual objects presented to her.
(3) Way to conceptualize data .

Virtual Reality, n.
Also VR.
Same as virtual (1) .

Visible, n., adj.
Conceptually, virtual environments may contain items not visibleto the viewer depending on external factors such as light ,special circumstances such as spells of invisibility (magical) orinternal conditions like being blind .administrators and builders have theability to break these artifical limits.

Void, n.
(1) Room set aside for lost objects .
(2) A type of pointer .

VR, n. [Comp. of Virtual Reality.]
Same as virtual (1) .

Vryce, n. Used to say that someone is breaking the license agremeent of the codebase that they are using.Example: He's doing a Vryce.

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