Object, n.
(1) Object that PCs can handle using commands such as "get"and "drop." Note: Although rooms and PCs are objects they areusually not called such by players.
(2) Data structure used to represent a basicelement of the game. Usually not visible to players.
See: room , pc .

OLC, n. [Comp. of Online Creation.]
Refers to the code or commands that allow editing things such asareas , rooms , objects , mobs ,socials , and helps while connected tothe mud .This is specifically designated for thecode and command that allowreal-time changes directly to the mud withoutthe necessity for a reboot before the changestake place. It also removes a lot of bugs ,errors ,that can happen when using a client .These problems are not necessarily aproblem with the client, but is typically a result ofthe mud differing from the stock version thatthe client expected.
See: Room Maker .

Open, v.,n.
To make accessible. Command or act that provides access tothe contents of container type items or to room exitsprovided by doors .
See: close , lock , unlock .

Owner, n.
Also Head Implementor.
Person who owns the MUD.
See: implementor .

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