AC, n. [Comp. of Armor Class.]
Same as Armor Class .

AD, n. [Comp. of Advertisement.]
Promotional announcement. Exactly the same meaning as used outside ofMUDs.

AD&D, n.
Same as D&D ® .

Address, n.
Also addy.
Standard identification for an internet trafficdestination. There are many forms of internet addresses. Examples:E-mail: haji@alumni.washington.edu,to send a letter or other package to a user namedJoe. Internet Protocol (IP): 3000, to reach port 3000 on amachine numerically identified as Worldwide Web (WWW):http://www.mudwords.com/, to access a web site .
See: Intermud , mail .

Addy, n.
Slang for address. Most commonly refers to an internet address.
See: address .

Admin, n. [Comp. of administrator.]
See: administrator .

Administrator, n.
One who directs, manages or maintains a game.
See: god , immortal , root , wizard .

AFAIK, idiom. [Comp. of As Far As I Know.]
I believe. I know.

AFK, adv., interj. [Comp. of Away from Keyboard.]
Used to say, "I am not here" and "I'll be back later."
See: BRB .

AFW, adv., interj. [Comp. of Away from Window.]
Used to say, "I am still at my computer but I am notpaying active attention to this game context." Similarto AFK . Window is from the system of windows used inthe operating systems of most graphical user interfaces.

Agent, n.
Same as bot .

Aggro, n. [Comp. of Aggresive.]
Same as aggressive .

Aggressive, adj.
Also aggro .
State of a monster or NPC that iniates combat with othercharacters .
See also hunter .

AI, n. [Comp. of Artifically Intelligence.]
Most often an NPC that demonstrates manners orbehaviors comparable to those of players insome area. Example: a monster that you canhold a conversation with.

Alias, v., n.
(1) Command allows you to specifiy command and command line substitution rules or to view the current alias settings.
(2) Another command that has been created using thealias (1) command, possibly with arguments orargument rules.
(3) Substitution name for something.

Alpha, n.
Primary, first. Denotes the first working version of agame or project.
See also beta .

Alfa, n.
Not to be confused with alpha. This is the name of a machine (andMUD ) that represents the best earliest DIKU MUD.

ANSI, n.
Most commonly used to mean the "standard" for sending anddecoding graphical screen effects like color changes for textdisplay terminals . Involves escape characters.
See: color

Apocalypse, n.
Same as shutdown .

Arch, n. [Comp. of Arch Wizard.]
High level wizard position. An Arch Wizard is usually onewho has administrative responsibilities including jurisdictionover certain areas of the mud. For example the Arch of Law willhandle all law issues on the game.
See: administrator , level .

Area, n.
Sometimes zone.
Distinct collection of rooms defined by a commonrecognizable theme. An area typically belongs to one or morewizards , contains objects and or NPCs .Areas provide a context for the rooms theycontain, modifying, perhaps, the meaning ofeach room. However the theme or tone of an area that establishesthis context must itself be presented in rooms, generally at theentrance(s) to the area.
See: domain , zone .

Argh, interj.
Anguish. Showing disgust or surprise.

Argument, n.
Variable portion of a command. Never includes the command keyworditself. If the command "who" can be expressed as "who all" or"who here" then "all" and "here" are arguments.

Armor, n.
Also armour [British].
Wearable item that provides protection. May parallel pieces ofarmor worn by persons in the real world. Exclusive to combat games.
See: armor class .

Armor Class, n.
Also AC .
Usually a measure of resistance to damage in combat. For example ashield would provide some protection from some or all of anopponent's attacks.
See: armor .

Artifical Intelligence, n.
Also AI.
(1) Computer program that learns from interactionwith people or other computers and modifies itsbehavior accordingly.
(2) Computer program that applies knowledge in an intelligentmanner.
(3) Same as AI .
See: program .

At, v.
To perform and complete some function at a location other then wherethe actor presently is. Sometimes a wizard command.

Attack, v., n.
(1) Command to iniate combat.
(2) Strategy or method of conducting combat.
See: combat , kill .

Authenticate, v.
Process of confirming that a person is the user they claim to be.
Providing your player name and password is an example ofauthentication.

Away, n.
Command to notify others that you are away from your terminal orotherwise no longer interacting with others in the game.
Some MUDsalias this command to AFK .

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