Idle, n.
Also idle time.
Period of time sense the last input was received from a user .Many games dump make linkdead thePCs pf users that have been idle too long. "Too long" usuallyvaries depending on what the user was doing last and the internalrules of the game.
See: reconnect , timeout .

Illegal, n.,adj.
(1) MUD that is operated on a host without the permission of theowner.
(2) MUD that is operated in violation of the license provided.
(3) Player actions that are in violation of the rules of play.
See: legal .

IMHO, [Comp. of In My Humble Opinion.]
This is my belief. It is my belief.Often used as a preface to arguments based on personalexperience or belief.

Immortal, n.
(1) Rank of an administrator , builder orwizard .
(2) Character with resistance to death. Most often aPC .
See: mortal .

Imp, n. [Abbrev. of Implementor.]
See: implementor .

IMPCG, n. [Comp. of Interactive Multi-Player Computer Game.]
Also MUA , MUD .
More general name for MUDs.

Implementor, n.
Also Imp.
Person who is most responsible for having started a game. Refersmost often to one with the knowledge and ability to change the mostbasic elements of a game. But in any case it always describes whoeverthe first administrator of a game was.
See: founder .

In, v.
Same as at .

Index, n.
Number of an item in a list .

Infared, n.
Abilitiy to see in the dark . Usually refers toa limited form used by a player.

Inflation, n.
State of economy where the cost of purchasing common items isprohibitive. Occurs when either the supply of money available topurchase items dwindles or the cost of items has been artificallyraised to match some set percentage of the total money held byplayers and only a very few players actually have the majority ofwealth.

Inn, n.
Same as hotel .

Interactive, n.
(1) Responsive to input. Typically describes the specialapplication of extended communication between aprogram and a user . For example if theuser asks to change her password and the game responds, "Enteryour password: ", the user is accessing an interactive program,the password changing program.Note: A MUD itself is interactive.
(2) Object presently under the direct control of a human beingsuch as a character .
See: link , living .

Intermud, n.
(1) Loose association of MUDs .
(2) Lines of communication between members of an associated MUDcommunity. Network services. NOTE: Software plug-ins for LP and ABER type MUDs whichallow for the games to share cyberportals exist. As of October 1998 noknown Abermuds use the service. CoolMUDs also have a standardof their own. See www.imaginary.com for the technical specificationsof one Intermud.
See: cyberportal .

Inv, v., n. [Comp. of Inventory.]
See: inventory .

Inventory, v., n.
Displays a list of items in a character's possession or within aroom .

Invisible, n.
Not being percevied by other character .Most often in the same room as.
See: blind , dark .

Item, n.
Any object visible to a character within the MUD .Esp. non-characters .

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