Echo, v., n.
(1) To send a literal message.
(2) To send a message to all users (without regard to rank)simultaneously.
See: message .

Echoall, v., n.
Same as echo 2 .

Economic, adj.
Same as economy .

Economy, n.
Whole sum of trade including profit and loss as it can beobjectively measured in units of quantity.
See: currency , inflation , system for balancerelationship.

Editor, n.
Program that assists or makes possible the creation ofgame elements. Room editors that hide the pitfalls associatedwith the complexity ofunderlying mud code is a type of this.
See: OLC , Room Maker .

EM, n. [Comp. of Encyclopædia of MUDs derived.]
You will find some terms in this dictionary associated with "(EM)"Play on the U.S. trademark symbol (TM).Word or phrase was developed at the Encyclopædia of MUDs projector by the author of the same buthas been placed in the public domain (you may use it freely.)

Emote, v. [Comp. of Emotion.]
To display emotion. When used as a command it causes user input toproceed the name of the actor. Example: "emote laughs." causes the MUDto show others "[your name] laughs."
Often abbreviated as : in command form.

Eq, v.
Same as equip .

Equip, v.
Command related to wearable items.
(1) To start using an item that can be wielded or worn.
(2) To display items in your inventory presently worn or wielded.
See: wear , wield .

Equipment, n.
Primarily wearable items. Also may include all items in theinventory of a character .
See: equip .

Error, n.
Unwanted occurence or event. Most esp. those that can beprevented by modifying game code .
See: bug .

ETLA, n. [Comp. of Extended Three Letter Acronym.]
Acronym of four letters or more that is derivedfrom a root acronym having three letters. Example: ROFLMAO from ROF .
See: TLA .

Evil, n.
Range of moral alignment that is at the other end of the spectrumfrom good.
See: good , constitution ,neutral .

Exit, n., v.
Method of moving between rooms .

Exp, n., interj. [Comp. of Experience Point(s).]
Also XP and xp.
(n). Measure of one's skill. For players it is directly related to one's level in a game. Very much like the score number in video games.Most often used in combat oriented games, as a reward for kills.
(interj). Celebratory remark indicating that one has just gained asignificant number of experience points. Closely akin tothe level exclamation.
See: Quest Points , Player Killer .

Experience Points, n.
Same as EXP .

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