Neuter, n.
Being neither male or female in gender. Paradoxically, "neuter" may be referred to as the "gender" of a gender neutralcharacter .This is probably the result of programmers posing binaryquestions like, "What gender are you (Male, Female, Neutral)?"(gender should only be "male" or "female") when more than onequestion or a better formed question is needed.
See: gender , race .

Neutral, n.
Moral alignment of zero. This is neither good or evil.
See: evil , good , constitution .

Newbie, n.,adj.
(1) One who is a novice to playing MUDs.
(2) One who is a novice in a particular experience. Example: newbiecoder.

Newlock, n.,v.
(1) Condition of a game when the creation of new PCs is not allowed.
(2) Command to affect (1).
See: wizlock .

Nibble, n.
Half a byte .
See: chomp .

Nickname, v.
Command to replace matching words with a nickname.Finds words after the first word in subsequent command entriesthat are nicknames and expands them to the word you have nicknamed. Feature can be overidden by placing a backslash (\) before theword you do not want to be treated as a nickname.This allows you to use shortened words to refer to othercharacters and objects . Sending tells toplayers with long names is no longer an annoyance!

Nod, n.,v.
Indicates agreement. Examples: Joe nods. Joe says, "nod".
See: g .

Nog, v. slang.
(DIKU) Form of nod that indicates partial understanding.
See: boggle .

NPC, n. [Comp. of Non-player Character.]
All of the data and characteristics of any object used by a game torepresent an actor which is meant to operate without much humanintervention.
See: PC .

Nuke, v.
To utterly destroy another player. Usually refers to the deletion ofall data once associated with a particular player; "A fate worse thandeath."
See: frog , suicide .

Null, n.
Something having a value of zero. Note: Null actually means thatwithout value and may be distinct from the number zero.

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