FAQ, n. [Comp. of Frequently Asked Questions.]
Collection of questions and answers packaged into a file.

Flag, n.
Semaphore or indicator of a particular state. The keys on yourcomputer keyboard are flags in a sense because they can be in morethan one state (depressed or not, up or down) and this differencein states is used to send signals. MUDs use a similar principleto keep track of what's happening in all objects . Aplayer might have a flag to indicate whether or not itis authorized to use builder commands for instance.MUDs also employ variables .

Flame, v., n.
(1) To deride another's opinion.
(2) To respond to another's opinion in an inflamitory fashion.

Flee, v.
Command which causes the actor to stop fighting and exit thecurrent room. Often this command is renamed "runaway".

Force, v.
Administrator's utility.The command causes whoever the user wishes to perform specified actions (in most cases). Example:"Dave forced you to smile" means that player Dave used the forcecommand on you.

Founder, n.
(1) One who is most responsible for the underlying philosophy of a game.Often used in place of implementor .Unlike an implementor, a founder can only be one of the original creators of a game.
(2) creator of something. Example: The clan founder.

Frag, n. [Comp. of Fragment(ed).]
(1) Corruption of a playerfile . Expression:"My player is fragged."
(2) To kill. Esp. when retribution for betrayal by the victim.
See also: stats , variable .

Freeze, n., v.
(1) (n). Also frozen. Same as hung .
(2) (v). Administrator command thatplaces a player in a state inwhich they can no longer interact with the game.

Frob, v., n.
(1) One-time awarding of points to a new runner, who has achievedwizardship on another mud, so that they do not have to start as anewbie .
(2) Promotion in score and/or level of a PC by theadministrator, as a correction or reward; for reimbursement of loststatus, or for bug finds.
(3) Promotion from one wizard level to higher one.
See: defrob .

Frog, v., n.
(1) (ABER) Administrator command used to punishor disgrace players.
(2) Lowly player considered to be less than a a newbie .
See: freeze , nuke , toad , player .

Frozen, n.
Same as hung .
See: freeze .

FTP, n., v. [Comp. of File Transfer Protocol.]
To exchange files. Usually over a computer network or the internet.

Function, n.
(1) Part of a computer program that does work and returns a value orpasses information to another program.
(2) Duties.
(3) Social event such as a party.
See: procedure , program .

FYI, n. [Comp. of For Your Information.]
Here's something you should know.

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