Hack and Slash, n.
Combat oriented game. Describes the action onsuch games. Esp. those that feature swords.

Hang, v.
See: hung .

Harass, v., n. ha-ras, -ment
(1) Toggle type command starts or ends a log of events associated withthe player including her actions and the actions of those nearby.The log is intended to provide evidence of harassment togame authorities.
(2) To attack. Continuing attacks on a player. Most often refers to activityoutside of accepted game play and is illegal on many muds.
See: log , spam .

Head Coder, n.
Title. Chief among coders .

Head Implementor, n.
Title. Same as owner .
See: implementor .

Heal, v.
To improve the condition of a character .
See: cleric .

Healer, n.
Nickname for cleric . Something like an army medic.During combat the healer isresponsible for keeping the tank alive.

Heartbeat, n.
(esp. LP) Period of time associated with an object like acharacter . Determines when actions unique tothat object may occur. Provided in 1 second increments. Usuallyprovides a regularly timed intervalbetween events associated with the object. For example amonster with heartbeat of 3 seconds could only iniate actionsspecific to it every third second.
See: pulse , tick .

Help, n.
Also info .
System provided for looking up and reading information relatedto a game. Often interactive in nature.

Hermaphrodite, n.
Character with attributes of both the male and female genders.
See: character , neuter , sex .

Hibernate, n., v.
(LP) Command suspends your character for an extended period oftime. The user specifies the suspension period in days. Once iniatedthe command cannot be undone. Often used by college students addicted toplaying who wish to exile themselves during exam time or even summervacation. [Name probably originated at The MUD Institute (TMI) butconcept predates this.]

Hilite, v. [Comp. of Highlight.]
To illuminate. Common ability of client programs, allowingthe user to have certain messages shown in reverse or bold text.
See: client , gag .

History, n.
(1) List of recent commands issued by a user . Usuallydisplayed in order of oldest to newest and indexed with numbers sothat old commands may be repeated simply by providing the number (asin !n where n is the number from the list.
(2) Study of the development and implementation of MUDs.
(3) Related to an individual's involvement with MUDs.
See: mudology .

Hit Point, n.
Same as hp .

Hitroll, n.
(DIKU) Statistic reflects how gooda character is at hitting in combat.
See: damroll .

Hitter, n.
Warrior who has high hitroll and damroll when teamed up with a tank . Thehitter is responsible for damaging the target.

HMM, interj., n. [Comp. of Well or "Well in That Case".]
Used to show one is reevaluating the current situation.

HnS, adj.,n. [Comp. of Hack and Slash.]
(1) Type of MUD that reloves around killing monsters as opposed to PKing .
(2) Player who spends her time killing and looking tokill things. Often a derogatory reference.

Holylight, n.
(DIKU, esp. Circle) Flag gurantees that a character has perfectvision (can see) in all circumstances. Usually foradministrators .
See: visible .

Home, n.
(1) Room or town that a player entersthe game at.
(2) (LP) Command that causes a character toteleport home (1).

Host, n.
Machine on which a game or other service resides.

Hotboot, n., v.
Also copyover.
(DIKU) Reboot that does not require users to disconnectfrom the game. Note:

Hotel, n.
Also Inn.
Place on certain games where a PC must go beforelogout in order to save their inventory for the next time they play.Sometimes called renting .

HP, n. [Comp. of Hit Point(s).]
Measure of how many more times an object may be struck by a forcecausing one damage point before hit points are less than or equal to0. Usually when hit points fall below 1, death or destruction of theobject will occur.
See: tick .

Hung, n.
State of perpetual deadlock. A game is said to be hung when it doesnot respond to user input for unusually long periods of time. Esp. Ifthe state persist until a crash .

Hunter, n.
NPC that follows players around and attack them. Huntersgenerally only harass (2) players who attacked them first.

Hybernate, n.,v. (1) To suspend play for a particular character.(2) Command provided for persons addicted to playing MUDs such asstudents to impose a ban on playing with their character for some specified period of time like the months of summer breakfrom school. Once iniated the ban is enforced automatically by thegame.
See: suicide .

Hybrid, n.
Mixture of two or more types forming a new thing.

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