Wait, n.
Same as lockout .

Warrior, n.
Class of those who are professional soldiers. Typicallysoldiers of fortune or the combat MUD equivalent, EXP .Generally very hardy characters.
See tank .

Wear, v.
command changes the placement of an item of clothing from unused to using.Usually a toggle type command.
See: equip .

Weather, n.
Simulated atmospheric conditions generated by the game itself.These may affect aspects of game play but are typicallysimple messages depicting reports of changingconditions. Example report: "It starts to rain."Sometimes specific to a particular area but also may bepresented on a gamewide basis.Messages identical to weather may also be generated by players usingecho like commands though some games make it easy to tellthe difference by prepending a character like ":" tomessages sent by other players and not those sent by the game.
See: season .

Whisper, v.
Command on many games allowing the actor to send a private message to the named player . Usual form: whisper [to] [message]. Example:whisper joe Hello! -- Would make Joe See: "[your name] whispersHello!"

Who, v.
Command lists all presently connected players visible to yourcharacter. Showsidle times , pretitles , titles if applicable.
See: users , wizlist .

Wield, v.
Command to prepare a weapon for use.
See: equip .

Wizard, n.
One who has greater responsibility and more powerful powers then thecommon player. A wizard may build areas and create new objects forplayers to interact with. The definition of who is a wizard varieswidely from game to game.
See: administrator ,builder , domain , god , root .

Wizi, v. [Comp. of Wizard Invisibility.]
Command makes a wizard invisible tomortals . Some MUDs allow the user to set alevel so that only players below that level cannot seethe wizard.
See: wizard .

Wizlist, n., v.
List of all active and empowered wizards .
See: who , users .

Wizlock, n., v.
(1) Condition of a game being closed to entry by all users save those defined as wizards . Often implemented during thepre public phase of game construction.
(2) Command to affect (1).
See: newlock .

WoD, n. [Comp. of World of Darkness.]
Series of roleplaying games by White Wolf which hasinspired a rather large number of MUSHes.

World, n.
(1) Game Universe .
(2) One or more adjacent and distinct areas classified by descriptionand or means of entry as a unique realm consisting of areas.
See: areas , universe .

WoT, n. [Comp. of Wheel of Time.]
Wheel of Time. A series of booksby Robert Jordan which has inspired a rather large number of MUDs.

WTF, interj. [Comp. of What the F*.]
Expressing anger, disbelief or surprise. Often used on its ownwith several question marks: "WTF???"

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