M8, n. [Comp. of Mate.] Mate [British]. Often used by young mudders .

Macro, n.
Function provided by clients that allows a simplekeystroke or key combination to send associatedcommands tothe MUD server . Similar to alias .Example: pressing Ctrl-r sends the command recall tothe server.

Mail, n.,v.
(1) System for filing, processing and delivering electronicmessages to the mailboxes of game users .May also utilize Intermud or Internet gateways to send and receive mail outside the game.Mail addresses for games typically are in the form user@game,as in Joe@CyberMUD.
(2) To send such a message.

Mana, n.
Of Melanesian/Polynesian origin, related to the Hawaiian/Maori word.The power of the elemental forces. It is a measure ofspell - casting power.

Mage, n.
Class of those who practice magic.
See: magic .

Magic, n.
Not so magical afterall due to wide availability: commands thatsimulate the possession of paranormal or supernatural abilitiesthrough parallels in the virtual environment. Example:casting a fireball that destroys your enemy. Somethingyou probably don't do very often in real life.
See: spell for details.

Marriage, n.
Loosely binding agreement between two players to behave withina game as if they are married. Usually established with a formalceremony(whatever that means in the specific game)attended by high ranking members of the game administration.Sometimes couples are afforded additional rights, such asto have a private domain or house. A record of the marriageis generally publicized. Surprisingly (?) divorce is alwaysavailable on "no fault" grounds without any waiting period.More surprising (?) is the fact that many couples married in MUDsare actually dating each other in real life.

Master, n.
(1) (DIKU) Common title for the NPC head of aguild 1 .
(2) (LP) The master object; A virtual - server to be loadedand run by thedriver . It usually handles some high level mudlib security, acts as a front end for shutdown orders and performs someadditional task when the game is booted .
(3) [Comp. of Dungeon Master.]
Same as root .

Meltdown, n., adj.
Gradual deterioration in MUD functions, culminating in a crashedor hung state.
See: crash , hung .

Message, n., v.
(1) Transmitted words or images intended for a person to receive.
(2) Collection of messages associated with a particular character or object and sent to players.
(3) (v). To send a message.
(4) Data unit used by computer program(s) .
See: pulse .

MOB, n. [Comp. of Mobile.]
(1) Agressive monster or NPC .
(2) Same as Mobile or NPC .

Mobile, n.
(1) NPC or PC , so called because they are capableof moving between rooms via exits . Usually refers to a NPC .
(2) Any Object that moves between rooms .

Monster, n.
Same as NPC .

Mortal, n.
All characters subject to death. Esp. oncombat oriented games. Most often refers to a PC .
See: immortal .

MOTD, n. [Comp. of Message of the Day.]
File containing recent news. Often displayed to users afterthey have been authenticated .

Mount, n., v.
(1) character or object that PCs can use for transportation.Examples: a horse, or car.
(2) Command to load, reset or restore a game area. This isvaugely similar to the UNIX command.

Move, n.
(DIKU) Statistic . Same as MP .

MP, n. [Comp. of Movement Point.]
Sometimes MV.
Measure of a character's movement. Like themeasure of gasoline (or petrol) in an automobile tank, movementpoints indicate the range of a character's movement remaining.Typically it cost at least one movement point to move from oneroom to another. Terrain mayaffect the number of points required to traverse a givenlocation .

MUA, [Comp. of Multi-User Adventure.]
Describes MUDs . This is the more precise technical term.

MUD, n., v. [Comp. of Multi-User Domain or Multi-User Dungeon.]
Also MUA .
(1) Computer generated world of imaginary objects intended fornumerous people (users ) to play simultaneously asadventurous actors. The term MUD applies tomany games, including mostly non-combat MUDs which prefer to be calledby their label name (Example: MUSH, MOO) or MU*s, a term used tode-emphasize the presumption that the "D" in MUD always signifies"dungeon."Note that MUDs are also used for business applications such asteleconferencing and operating virtual offices.
MUDs may use graphical animation, sound or other non-textual media.
(2) To play a MUD.
(3) Computer program that is the process constituting aMUD 1 .
See: master .

Mud Addict, n.
One who is addicted to playing, building or managing MUDs.Like any entertainment, MUDs can be addictive. Signsof addiction: playing a MUD for 12 hours straight,saying MUD specific idioms or using metaphorsdervived from MUDs with persons who don'tplay MUDs in real life. Example: Telling your significantother who knows nothing about MUDs, "Level! AFK L8R. You'rea troll."

Mudding, v.
To play a MUD or MUDs. Same spelling in all tenses.

Mudler, n. [Comp. of MUD Player.]
One who plays MUDs. It is used to refer to any mud user, regardlessof rank.

Mudlib, n. [Comp. of MUD Library.]
(1) Directory containing the entire working DB . of a game. Itis simply called "lib" on DIKUs.
(2) Files which collectively make-up thenon-driver /non-server data of a game (esp. on LP).
See: library , path .

Muddling, v.
(1) To meddle with. To make sport of something.
(2) Same as mudding .

Mud List, n.
Listing of games including most recent statuses. Often dividedinto categories like fantasy and historical.

Mudology, n.
(EM ) MUD centered biography. In its simplest form an individual mightprovide a resume of MUD work in application to a new MUD project.In the fuller form details in extent comparable to an Encyclopedicbiographical entry.

Mudsex, n., v.
To engage in social activities on a MUD which clearly demonstratereal life sexual activity.

MUG, n. [Comp. of Multi-user Game.]
Multi-user Game [British].Any game played by more than one user. Not necessarily a MUD.Better to use the less vauge MUD.
See: MUD .

Multi-Class, n.
System in which a character may initially pickmore than one class to play. Multiclassing is

Multi-player, n.
(1) Type of game that allows a user to own or control more than oneplayer character (PC).
(2) Person controlling more than one player character (PC)simultaneously.
See: PC .

Multiple User, n.
Environment (such as a computer operating system or MUD) thatsupports more than one simultaneous user .

Multi-user, n.
Same as Multiple User .

MUSH, n. [Comp. of Multi User Shared Halucination.]
Popular MUD base. Typically social or strict RPG in nature.

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