Backup, n., v.
Periodical copy made, as of a game, to be used in the event that theprimary version is lost or damaged.

Bag, n., adj.
(DIKU) Someone who is easy to PK (in the victim sense). Essentiallythey are a free bag of equipment (the spoils to begotten off their corpse.)

Balance, adj., n.
MUD that has reached a state of predictable and desired game behaviorfrom the perspective of the game administrator .
See: system (1) for details.

Ban, v.
To bar from entering. Most often used to describe the locking of agame from entry by users from a particular site .
See: banish , wizlock .

Banish, v.
To bar from entering. This is what administrators do when they decidethey no longer wish for a player or user from a particularsite to use the game. Most often it means that a charcter has beendeleted and no user may create a new player of the same name.
See: ban .

Base, n.
(1) Basic foundation or fundamental MUD server code.
(2) MUD considered to be a root ormajor limb in the geneology of MUD development. Usually a server that has largely original or different source code .
See: codebase , stock , type (1) .

Become, v., n.
(ABER) Command allows a user to change characters. Often a wizardcommand.
See: switch .

Beta, n.
Second. A mud's second stage of developmentwhen the mud is playable but requires actual play testingto help ensure that the game world is well balanced and has no bugs . This stage occurs right before thegame opens to the general public.
See: balance .

Bit, n.
(1) One of the binary digits that makes up a byte .
(2) Small part of anything.
See: byte .

Blind, v., n., adj.
State of being incapable of percieving normally visibledescriptions .
See: light .

Bog, interj., v. [Comp. of Boggle.]
Same as boggle .

Boggle, interj., v.
Also bog .
Expression of confusion. Example: "Mary boggles."
See: nog .

Boot, v.
To start a computer program such as a MUD,operating system. Generally used to describe the startingof major programs or daemons and not every possible program.
See: program

Bot, n.
Also called agent.
(1) A computer program which can direct a PC on some MUDwithout human intervention.
(2) Any NPC of above average intelligence, esp. those withdescriptions similar to robots.

Bounce, v.
Soul or emote command on many games. It isgenerally considered impolite to use this on another player withouttheir consent as it has been used to simulate activity of asexual nature.
See: rape , soul .

Bow, v.
(esp. DIKU) Respectful greeting. Similar to waving at someone in real life.

BB, adv., interj. [Comp. of Be Back.]
See you again.

BBL, adv., interj. [Comp. of be back later.]
See you again at a later time.

BK, adv., interj. [Comp. of Back.]
I have returned.

BRB, adv., interj. [Comp. of Be Right Back.]
See you again very soon.

Brief, n., v.
(1) Mode that limits what a user sees when viewing aroom or other objects. Typically hides the long part ofthe description ,leaving the short title and other information.
(2) Command to enable brief mode (1).
(3) Toggle command for brief mode (1). Turns brief mode off and on.
See: verbose .

BTW, idiom. [Comp. of By the Way.]
By the way. Often used as a transition to or preface for adifferent but often related line of thought. Example: you are talking about rabbitswith Joe and Joe says, "BTW, did you know my sister likes carrots?"

Buffer, n.
Queue where data is temporarily held. This can be either a diskfile or a place in abstract memory.

Bug, n.
What programmers (and MUD builders) call an unwanted error. Any termused to describe real bugs or that is associated with incests may also beused to describe a bug of this type. Example: "We need some RAID! (tm)",bug killer is needed to fix all of the bugs I've found.
See: error , source code .

Builder, n.
On large MUDs, many people contribute to the virtual world. Suchpersons often have the title of "builder". Builders may or may nothave the same power as a wizard.
See: domain , wizard .

Byte, n.
Part of a machine word consisting of bits .
See: chomp , nibble .

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