QC, n. [Comp of Quality Control.]
Maintenance of standards of quality for a mud. Usually handled byan Arch ot team of wizards . QC ensures thequality of all areas and things that are coded (1) before allowing them to be brought into the game.

Quaff, v.
(DIKU) Command causes a character to consume a magical potion.
See: spell .

Quality Control, n.
Same as QC .

Quest, n.
Most often zone specific , a quest is a task that must becompleted. The challenge often takes the form of a puzzle, combat ormixture of the two. Many MUDs require that a certain number of questsbe completed before the player is able to become a wizard .
See: Quest Points .

Quest Points, n.
Number of points assigned to a specific quest. Generallyindicates how difficult a quest is.
See: EXP (experience points) .

Queue, n. [British]
List or line of things. Used by programmers to manage data .Example saying: "Update the NPC queue."
See: link .

Quit, v.
Command which causes a PC to leave the game. On many MUDs this simply means that the game disconnects from the user (likelinkdeath). On other games it means the PC will be removed fromthe active DB and their data stored to disk for restoration attheir next logon.
See: linkdead , save .

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