U, pro. You. Shortform often used by young mudders .

Universe, n.
All objects found within a game DB . are within the universe ofthat game.

Universe Rules, n.
Usually refers to the internal logic that governs the interaction ofall objects within a particular MUD .

Unlock, v.
(1) To unseal with a key . Often a necessary step before a lockedcontainer type item or door may be opened. Sometimesautomatic (unseen by the player) provided the character has the properkey.
(2) To return file access to a state that permits access by others.
See: lock .

Uptime, n., v.
(1) How long a game has been continuously running. This is theamount of time that has passed since the last reboot .
(2) Command that reports the uptime.

User, n, adj.
(1) Person authorized to access the system . The term does notdistinguish if one is a player , builder or administrator .
(2) Something associated with (or "owned" by) a person authorized toaccess the system . Example: "user account."

Users, v.
Wizard commanddisplays the names of all users currently connected to the game.
See: who , wizlist .

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